7 – Day Black and White Photo Challenge

To start this challenge, we will need a theme.  This challenge will be black and white images from your Life.  Each day, tell us a story and take one image during your day and post it as a comment on our daily post using a URL for your pic.  You can start the challenge at any time by posting your first image on day one and going from there.  Can’t wait to see what’s in your world!

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  • Day 7 of B/W Photo Challenge - “The Hideout” It’s quiet in the house, it’s Saturday afternoon.  Everyone else is asleep so I head out to the shed with a cocktail and contemplate what next to do with the garden.  It’s the perfect spot, away from the spying eyes of the neighbors, with a great view, this hideout is perfect.  So peaceful. To […]
  • Day 6 of B/W Photo Challenge - The Challenge “The Birdbath” The leaves are beginning to fall, the water murky.  The reflection shows it is still light out and the birds are chirping around me.  It’s the perfect gathering spot for our friends as they await in the branches above.  They will come, eat, drink and be merry tonight once I leave.  […]
  • Day 5 of B/W Photo Challenge - The Challenge   “Welcome” It’s getting dark and the porch light has come on.  The broom in the corner awaits its next visitor when it will fall as a warning.  It’s that time of year again when everything gets spooky and our porch is no exception.  Dark and creepy, only those who approach will be […]
  • Day 4 of B/W Photo Challenge - The Challenge “Gnome Home” Among the garden, they watch.  Waiting for something interesting to happen.  Forever affixed to the landscape, they dream of a bigger life, a home of their own.  Yet they don’t realize, they are in an enormous gnome home already.  Our garden.   To join us in this challenge, post a pic […]
  • Day 3 of B/W Photo Challenge - The Challenge   “Birdhouse” It’s fall now.  The house is empty, waiting to be cleaned.  New inhabitants will be coming in the early Spring to check out their new digs.  For now, though, it sits quietly, resting on the fence.  Awaiting the stork to come.  Soon there will be new mouths to feed. To join […]
  • Day 2 of B/W Photo Challenge - The Challenge   “Porch Bench” It’s heard it all.  The tears, the laughter, the news.  The bench on the front porch has aged with the family and holds all its secrets.  All the lies, all the truths.  If the wood could talk, like the rings in a slice of tree trunk, it could give you […]
  • Day 1 of B/W Photo Challenge - As I embark on this 7 day challenge, I challenge you all to join me.  This weeks theme is the world around you in black and white. I chose this picture as we head into autumn.  This pumpkin did not ripen all the way and is still green.  The vine has long since died as […]



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