52 Week Challenge

Now that the new year is upon us, I will be doing the following 52 week challenge.  Marissa’s categories are interesting to me so I will be following her challenge.  Wish me luck!

I’m looking forward to practicing my photography skills with this photography challenge! THE CHALLENGE LIST WEEK 1 Vision: Look Ahead New year. New beginnings. New you. Look ahead. Interpret as you wish. WEEK 2 Composition: Color Harmony Get out your color wheel. Do opposites attract? Can there be harmony with opposite colors? Does the Hulk […]

via 52 Week Photography Challenge — Marissa Danielsen

  • Week 31 (Photographer’s Choice) – Petal Drops - “Petal Drops” As the petals reach for the light, the raindrops settle on them.  The overcast skies, suppressing their true beauty, the reflections.  They wait for a sunburst so they can shine, glisten. This macro shot was made with a Nifty Fifty lens, and a wide aperture.  The drops were the subject against the soft petals.
  • Week 30 (Circles) – Encircling - “Encircling” This week we were to think creatively using circles.  What caught my eye in this image was the way the iron was encircling the glass orb.  It leads the viewer into the image with the curves.
  • Week 29 (Twilight) – At Twilight - “At Twilight” Capturing light is at the heart of photography.  The light changes with each passing minute, each passing hour.  From harsh light to golden light to blue light, each time of day is different.  And the light you see will be what your working with. At twilight, the light changes again.  It brings out some colors while hiding others.  Its all in what you …
  • Week 28 (Left to Right Rule) – Raining - “Raining” This image to me reads left to right.  Almost like looking through a surfer’s wave, it rains.
  • Week 27 (Flattery) – Proud Papa - “Proud Papa” This week we were to attempt to imitate one of the master photographers.  I chose to imitate Philippe Halsman.  He is well known for having the most images on Life Magazine’s cover.  His incredible portraits include Marilyn Monroe, Winston Churchill, and Albert Einstein. In my photo, I attempted to give that low key contrast as much as I could.  The room was full …
  • Week 26 (Low Contrast) – Bloom and the Daisies - “Bloom and the Daisies” They are the stars of the show, so charismatic, so sweet.  Bloom rises up for the final note, so certain that its there.  And it is…goosebumps.
  • Week 25 (Technical – Starburst) – Cedar Spark - “Cedar Spark” I see that Summer has definitely dug its claws in me as I am now 3 weeks behind?  None the less, I plan on completing this challenge. This week we were to create a starburst technically using our camera.  This technique is simple if you know you have to set your aperture to f22 or higher.  Cut your light source with your focal …
  • Week 24 (Contrast) – Sunlit - “Sunlit” Our challenge this week was to show contrast in an image.  Contrast can be made with anything that has two extremes.  I fell behind in my challenges so for this week, I went to the archives.  The difference in this image between the sunlit flowers and the shady trees in the background creates the contrast needed for this challenge.
  • Week 23 (No Peeking) – Depoe Bay Harbor - “Depoe Bay Harbor” In the early morning, all is calm.  The chilly breeze gently wisps across the water but still leaves enough for a reflection.  You can hear the call of the sea. Taking shots and not looking is difficult.  I took many pictures on this trip and for sure, I haven’t seen them all.  Like this shot.
  • Week 22 (Door) – 1872 Keystone - “1872 Keystone” Some of this old lighthouse might have been restored over time but when you walk up to the entrance, the door is topped with the original keystone from 1872.  A symbol of antiquity, of history.  Forever emblazoned on this landmark for all to see. This week, the challenge was to create an image of a door as a transition.  This image encapsulates the …


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  1. I like the idea of a photo challenge. It inspires great and thoughtful photos.I love the Pansy and how you captured the blue. I look forward to seeing more of your images.

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