52 Week Challenge

Now that the new year is upon us, I will be doing the following 52 week challenge.  Marissa’s categories are interesting to me so I will be following her challenge.  Wish me luck!

I’m looking forward to practicing my photography skills with this photography challenge! THE CHALLENGE LIST WEEK 1 Vision: Look Ahead New year. New beginnings. New you. Look ahead. Interpret as you wish. WEEK 2 Composition: Color Harmony Get out your color wheel. Do opposites attract? Can there be harmony with opposite colors? Does the Hulk […]

via 52 Week Photography Challenge — Marissa Danielsen

  • Week 20 (From Below) – Overhead - “Overhead” While hiking near Lucia Falls, nature changes from freshly blooming trees to areas that can resemble that of a rain forest.  With its moss covered trees throughout the area, it lends a certain creepy feeling as you pass under the dangling moss that accumulates year after year.  This week, we were to change our … More Week 20 (From Below) – Overhead
  • Week 19 (Edge Cut Sun) – Sunburst - “Sunburst” Photographing the sun during sunrise or sunset is relatively straightforward, however, when you photograph the sun during the day, it can be tricky.  During the blue hour or golden hour, the light is at its best for photographing the sun and landscape so when its broad daylight out, you want to add interest to … More Week 19 (Edge Cut Sun) – Sunburst
  • Week 18 (Photographer’s Choice) – Golden Petals -   “Golden Petals” When the sun is warm, we have infinite possibilities for subjects.  Everything is in bloom, the birds are out.  But the thing that caught my eye today was the simplicity of the petals.  I shot this so the pistols in the most lit bloom was the subject and the petals the background.
  • Week 17 (Humor) – Going Grey - This week we were to create an image that would induce laughter or be humorous.  It might not be in focus but I thought this image of Jesse was hilarious.  Enjoy!
  • Week 16 (Portrait Lighting) – Teddy -   “Teddy” One of the ways you can set up portrait lighting is to do a split lighting setup.  Mostly used on masculine subjects, this lighting setup can complement your subject.  You can use natural light as well when trying these techniques.  I used Teddy here with the sun as my light source.  I utilized … More Week 16 (Portrait Lighting) – Teddy
  • Week 15 (Rule of Space) – Anticipation -   “Anticipation” The use of space when composing an image can add mystery to the story that the image holds so this week, that is what we were challenged with.  To have your subject look out beyond the frame lends interest to the image because it leaves the viewer wondering what is outside of the … More Week 15 (Rule of Space) – Anticipation
  • Week 14 (Diptych or Triptych) – Sewing - This week was a difficult one for me.  It’s been raining, isolated in the house, no sun…but under the guise of necessity, the opportunity presented itself.  It will be a long time before you see pics like this again.
  • Week 13 (Leading Lines) – Benched Daffodil -   “Benched Daffodil” With all the different ways you can compose an image, this week we were to compose an image using leading lines.  The bench is the perfect base for the bold color of the flower and draws you in.
  • Week 12 (Macro) – Pansy - “Pansy” This was a challenge that I have been looking forward to.  The springtime is upon us so I dusted off my extension tubes and headed out to one of the first of the season.  Sweet surprise.   Popular on 500px
  • Week 11 (Negative Space) – What’s Above - “What’s Above” Our challenge, this week, was to create an image that showed negative space.  To do this, it’s basically your subject against a blank background, to draw the viewer to your subject.  My subject, in the photo, is larger than what most would consider a subject in negative space, however, the way the sun’s … More Week 11 (Negative Space) – What’s Above



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