“Chilly Night”

“Chilly Night”

The moon is out, shining brightly.  The sky has cleared enough for us to see beyond the winter cover of clouds and rain.  It’s still chilly, though, and the trees remain bare.  Waiting for spring to come and warm the earth.  Crisp.


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Crystal Balls


“Crystal Balls”

Crystal clear and opulent, they gently rest upon each other in the soft light.  Each having their own glow and flicker, they reflect back the light in their true color.  Twinkling like stars.


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Antique Gear

“Antique Gear”

There are many things that are great about the technology we have available to us today.  It lets us keep our lives in order, keeps us connected to our loved ones, and lets you entertain yourself with games, television, and music.  The one thing it lacks is longevity.  Items today may have a life of 5 years, if your lucky, before it needs to be replaced.  Things made back in the early years of industrialization were made to last forever.  Steel, hand forged, and specially made just for what was needed.  These are the items that should be cherished, restored as they will never be made like this again.


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“Bridge over Multnomah Falls”

“Bridge over Multnomah Falls”

At the beginning of winter thaw, the water rushes to the edge, the end.  It’s power evident in the roar of the falls cascading over and pooling on the shelf before it cascades again to the bottom.  The smell in the air is so crisp, you know spring is coming.  Blossoming in the sun.


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Our wish for the future

“Tiny Toes”

When I gaze upon the beauty of nature and all that is possible, all I can do is to wish that the future will be bright for all that come into the world after us.  The beauty of a newborn is the most precious wish of all in wanting the future of humanity to be bright and hopeful for everyone.


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WPC – Wish

“Triple Balcony”


“Triple Balcony”

The balconies remain empty as the water gently flows beneath.  Soft whispers of the leaves the only sound outside the windows.  Citizens patiently await the appearance of the lords for their annual kickoff of seasonal festivities. Excitement grows. Unleash them.


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“Double Doors”

“Double Doors”

Not all problems have an easy solution.  Take the problem at hand, which door to enter.  Each door has a different outcome or opportunity and its like a roll of the dice in deciding.  The story will be different no matter which door you choose, so choose wisely.


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