In the woods, you expect a lot of things.  Trees, birds, wood.  Then there’s the other stuff.  The stuff that creates stories.  Like the time you were hiking and came across a petrified stump.  Try walking up to that in the night.


Week 31 (Photographer’s Choice) – Petal Drops

“Petal Drops”

As the petals reach for the light, the raindrops settle on them.  The overcast skies, suppressing their true beauty, the reflections.  They wait for a sunburst so they can shine, glisten.

This macro shot was made with a Nifty Fifty lens, and a wide aperture.  The drops were the subject against the soft petals.

Week 29 (Twilight) – At Twilight

“At Twilight”

Capturing light is at the heart of photography.  The light changes with each passing minute, each passing hour.  From harsh light to golden light to blue light, each time of day is different.  And the light you see will be what your working with.

At twilight, the light changes again.  It brings out some colors while hiding others.  Its all in what you want to see.