“Smooth” It’s rich.  It’s rare.  Well, not that rare, but it is smooth.  The color says it all and once it begins to breathe, you can smell the richness.  From the Pacific NW.  Pendleton.


“Sunbathing” In the springtime, the sun flows over the land, slowly warming nature.  The vines start to grow and reach towards the warmth.  Each petal encapsulating as much as they can.  Then they burst.  Glorious. CLEMATIS ~Mixed Colors~ Wonderful large blooms 20+ Perennial Vine Seeds


“Tulum” Thousands of years old, its buildings slowly crumbling.  The houses and other structures made of wood are long gone, just the stones remain.  We get to the top of one of the walls after a long hike up, and the shore says it all.  This was the perfect place for the Mayans to settle. … More “Tulum”

“Raining Gold”

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“Raining Gold” Some interiors to places of interest are sights to be seen.  This one is no different.  The spectacular lights and colors amaze patrons as they wander through the entry where it is clearly raining gold.   WPC – Ooh, Shiny!

“Up Above”

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“Up Above” f5, 1/200 sec , ISO 1000, 35 mm As the chase continues, he headed into the mall expecting to lose his follower in the crowd but there was none.  He quickly searched the area to see his best way to escape when he looked up and saw the levels above.…