“Autumn Leaves”

“Autumn Leaves” f9, 1/40 sec., ISO 200, 55 mm The morning is crisp, the light shines through the autumn leaves and creates a blaze of glory.  The frost still illuminated as it begins to warm and melt away.  Winter is coming soon and all will be gone.     Continue reading “Autumn Leaves”


“Brownstone” f5, 1/60 sec., ISO 200, 35 mm Dear Friend, I stopped by to see you but you weren’t there.  At a time like this, I thought you would have been but there was no answer.  The streets were quiet, the dog didn’t bark, the windows didn’t shutter.  I imagine me all alone in this world now.  Until tomorrow. Faithfully yours.   #photography #architecture #brownstone … Continue reading Brownstone

WPC – A Place to Write

“A Place to Write” Character in my surroundings gives way to ideas when writing.  Just the ambience and lighting ignites my imagination in ways that can’t be told.  This place is full of character and immediately lends itself to my wild imagination and untold stories.  What is your story? #photography #writing WPC – Ambience Continue reading WPC – A Place to Write

10/19/15 – Tinkersmith

  “Tinkersmith” f5, 1/3 sec., ISO 6400, 56 mm Haberdashery – what a name.  To most, the word doesn’t mean anything since it is a word of centuries past.  My interest was piqued so I found that a haberdasher sells these:  men’s furnishings   small wares  notions But what exactly would such a shop be doing in a small town in this day and age? … Continue reading 10/19/15 – Tinkersmith

Why I write – or the musings of the imagination

So many times I have had such creative thoughts or visions that I wish there were a way to let others read the sometimes stupid musings I make up in my own mind.  Most times they are short, sometimes longer but thoughts and visions come about because of images.  Either in my head or through photos, the visions and musings come to life.  This is … Continue reading Why I write – or the musings of the imagination