“Cold Steel”

“Cold Steel”

Cold, hard.  The metal molded into all the parts needed for this to work.  Intricately placed to make the plane move faster than anything else but still appears cold on the surface.  But don’t touch as it gets quite hot when in motion.

WPC – Structure





You think of the word as you sit staring at your computer.  Wondering, when?  The relaxation is so needed that you begin to daydream about the perfect spot.  It doesn’t get any better than this.  True bliss.


WPC – I’d rather be

Our wish for the future

“Tiny Toes”

When I gaze upon the beauty of nature and all that is possible, all I can do is to wish that the future will be bright for all that come into the world after us.  The beauty of a newborn is the most precious wish of all in wanting the future of humanity to be bright and hopeful for everyone.


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WPC – Wish

“Just Baked”

“Just Baked”Just Baked

f2.5, 1/100 sec., ISO 400, 50 mm

Bread.  So simple.  Flour, water.  A few other things.  A plant’s seed comes to be such a light, soft, and filling staple of cuisine.  Most choose not to live without it.  Even the freshly baked aroma that fills the air is intoxicating.  Breath deeply my friends.

WPC – Transmogrify


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Walking around downtown, there are many things that can capture your attention but there is nothing like reminiscing of the old days in an historic part of the city.  You look around and up and you will find such detail to the architecture of those times.  Where did this detail go?


WPC – Looking Up

“Union Pacific”

“Union Pacific”Unionpacific

As you approach the sign, you can feel the history behind it and what others might have been looking for when they came upon these train tracks.  So many different places to go and explore.  I have been to two places listed.  Can’t wait to visit the rest.  Which direction will you go?



WPC – Numbers