Cloud Cover

“Cloud Cover”

The sun is out, uncommon for this time of year.  Mid winter usually brings rain and snow, but today we bask in the warmth.  Though we know it won’t last.  The cloud cover is already working itself in.


“Up at Night”

“Up at Night”

The air is crisp, the fire going.  Camping in the woods, such a stark contrast from city life.  It makes you want to be the outdoor type.  You even stay up at night to see what else you can see when you look up at night.  Nature at its finest.


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8/12/12 – Things are Looking Up


tall trees“Looking Up”

f5.6, 1/25 sec., ISO 100, 55 mm

A person can learn a lot about themselves just by examining their surroundings.  One who loves the outdoors cares about things like the forest as this is the only place to see views like this.  So, to me, things are looking up.

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At the Rivers Bend

“At the River’s Bend”At the River's Bend

f10, 1/100 sec., ISO 100, 18 mm

In search of a fishing bridge, the wrong turn developed into a picturesque landscape that we would otherwise not see.  What it must have been like to be discovering this land for the first time.  So peaceful, clear, untainted.  Magical.