“Up at Night”

“Up at Night”

The air is crisp, the fire going.  Camping in the woods, such a stark contrast from city life.  It makes you want to be the outdoor type.  You even stay up at night to see what else you can see when you look up at night.  Nature at its finest.


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American Propellers

“American Propellers”

There is nothing more moving than to see allegiance to a country, to see the country’s flag flying high.  Even during difficult times, its citizens seem to rally towards the greater good.  Its land, its freedom.  Honorable.

“Chapel Bar”


Chapel Bar

“Chapel Bar”

f3.5, 1/30 sec., ISO 6400, 18 mm

As I turn the corner I come across the most unlikely room in a once grand building.  The odds are unlikely that you would find such a room in an old chapel but here it is.  Crystal hanging from their guides, waiting for their turn.  Time to pull up a stool and start celebrating.

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