Week 25 (Technical – Starburst) – Cedar Spark

“Cedar Spark” I see that Summer has definitely dug its claws in me as I am now 3 weeks behind?  None the less, I plan on completing this challenge. This week we were to create a starburst technically using our camera.  This technique is simple if you know you have to set your aperture to f22 or higher.  Cut your light source with your focal … Continue reading Week 25 (Technical – Starburst) – Cedar Spark

Week 11 (Negative Space) – What’s Above

“What’s Above” Our challenge, this week, was to create an image that showed negative space.  To do this, it’s basically your subject against a blank background, to draw the viewer to your subject.  My subject, in the photo, is larger than what most would consider a subject in negative space, however, the way the sun’s rays go from negative space to a linear composition, gives … Continue reading Week 11 (Negative Space) – What’s Above