Week 2 (Color Harmony) – Spoon w/ Green Baubles

“Spoon w/Green Baubles”

This week, we try to harmonize the colors in an image.  They should be complementary to each other or of opposite sides of the color wheel.  You can read this article regarding color theory to get a better understanding of complementary colors.

For this image, I chose to mix the red backdrop I have set up with the green glass baubles that I had placed in a spoon.  The colors are on opposite sides of the color wheel and complement each other nicely.





They will be here soon, all full of cheer.  Bitter cold and looking for warmth, they will reach for the Pendleton.  Before they take off their coats.



Week 1 (Vision/Looking Ahead) – “Christmas Bear”

“Christmas Bear”

The lights remain, presents gone.  The roar of excitement has quieted and we begin to notice the special things, the memories.  With all its charm.


For this week, I looked ahead after, the guests were gone, and noticed a different view of the objects around me.  This bear no longer represented a toy, it became part of a memory.



Gund My First Teddy Bear Baby Stuffed Animal, 15 inches

“Maple Leaves”

Dear Friend,

The leaves are beginning to fall here.  I haven’t written in such a long time and when I saw these in the yard, it made me think of you.  We used to do everything together and now we barely talk.  I know that we were angry the last time we visited, but I don’t think we should give up on us over something so trivial.  Having any kind of relationship takes work and effort and we have failed on both.  I hope this brings back memories for you too as I miss talking and writing with you.  Until then.

Faithfully Yours


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Day 3 – Macro Challenge


“Mini Rose”

The petals weaken under the drops of rain that have found their way into the folds.  At any moment, the drop could fall, making way for the petals to relax some until the next rainfall.  The color bright and new, even though it is autumn.  Beautiful.

Day 2 – Macro Challenge

“Berry Droplets”

It rained recently.  The yard is crisp and fresh, waiting for the sun to appear.  Yet, it is Autumn now and the sun won’t be out for awhile.  The barberries are losing their leaves quickly but before they vanish, some caught the rain and now shows its leaves proudly.  A last reach for greatness.


“Big Red”

“Big Red”Big Red

f5.6, 1/40 sec., ISO 200, 55 mm

As I walk down the street, there are hundreds of people as it is the annual festival.  Dozens of classics are rolling down the street in their parade of auto history as the people cheer, smile, and admire.  Just then, she appears.  The classic of the show.