“Sunbathing” In the springtime, the sun flows over the land, slowly warming nature.  The vines start to grow and reach towards the warmth.  Each petal encapsulating as much as they can.  Then they burst.  Glorious. CLEMATIS ~Mixed Colors~ Wonderful large blooms 20+ Perennial Vine Seeds

“Morning Glories”

“Morning Glories” It’s close to winter when it comes time to cut down the vines.  These late bloomers continue to show all its true colors, all the way down to its core.  The buds just barely wanting to open and the vines show all the freshness of spring in the fall.  Breathtaking.   Popular on … More “Morning Glories”

“Evening Morning”

  “Evening Morning” The sun is setting and the garden begins to sleep.  The flowers close for the night but some seem to hesitate.  Still basking in the warm evening air.  As if it was morning.  Glorious.   #flower #glories #photography WPC – Glow