Like Glass

“Like Glass”

As the sun rises, the water is calm.  It’s cold outside, in the still air but if you look across the lake, you can see just how still the air is. The water is like glass.


“Lost Lake”

“Lost Lake”

As the sun slowly rises, the mist on the lake begins to disappear.  The water is absolutely still as Mt. Hood stands tall, even in its own reflection.  It is perfectly quiet this morning.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

WPC – Silence


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“Bridge over Multnomah Falls”

“Bridge over Multnomah Falls”

At the beginning of winter thaw, the water rushes to the edge, the end.  It’s power evident in the roar of the falls cascading over and pooling on the shelf before it cascades again to the bottom.  The smell in the air is so crisp, you know spring is coming.  Blossoming in the sun.


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8/3/15 – The Falls


“The Falls”

f3.5, 1/250 sec., ISO 100, 18 mm

The rush of the falls is sparse as visitors continue to pass through mid summer.  Its cool here in the underbrush as the mist falls all around us.  The wind flows through the leaves and make them whisper just loud enough to add to the sound of the falls.  Magical.

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