Week 31 (Photographer’s Choice) – Petal Drops

“Petal Drops”

As the petals reach for the light, the raindrops settle on them.  The overcast skies, suppressing their true beauty, the reflections.  They wait for a sunburst so they can shine, glisten.

This macro shot was made with a Nifty Fifty lens, and a wide aperture.  The drops were the subject against the soft petals.


Week 24 (Contrast) – Sunlit


Our challenge this week was to show contrast in an image.  Contrast can be made with anything that has two extremes.  I fell behind in my challenges so for this week, I went to the archives.  The difference in this image between the sunlit flowers and the shady trees in the background creates the contrast needed for this challenge.

“Palms Burst”

On This Day – A year ago, we were blessed with a trip to Cozumel. Everything about the trip was magical, including the light.

Pique Images

“Palms Burst”

Its humid, hot.  The wind slowly stirs the palm fronds above.  In the distance you hear the drums as they beat to the Caribbean vibe, drawing you in.  You look above within the breeze and the fronds move in perfect harmony to suddenly create the sunburst that highlights your day.  Suddenly, all of your worries disappear.  Forever.

WPC – Temporary

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Week 20 (From Below) – Overhead


While hiking near Lucia Falls, nature changes from freshly blooming trees to areas that can resemble that of a rain forest.  With its moss covered trees throughout the area, it lends a certain creepy feeling as you pass under the dangling moss that accumulates year after year.  This week, we were to change our perspective and get below your subject.  I chose this image from our recent hike, not because it was technically more challenging, but because I thought this was interesting.

Week 18 (Photographer’s Choice) – Golden Petals


“Golden Petals”

When the sun is warm, we have infinite possibilities for subjects.  Everything is in bloom, the birds are out.  But the thing that caught my eye today was the simplicity of the petals.  I shot this so the pistols in the most lit bloom was the subject and the petals the background.