Dahlia Row

“Dahlia Row”

Across the fields they rise.  Autumn brings the most color.  With trees changing and dahlias blooming, the colors are endless.  But my favorite is red.




In the woods, you expect a lot of things.  Trees, birds, wood.  Then there’s the other stuff.  The stuff that creates stories.  Like the time you were hiking and came across a petrified stump.  Try walking up to that in the night.

Nested Eggs

“Nested Eggs”

Springtime brings so many new beginnings; fresh blooms, spring rain, and babies.  While out working in the yard, I was near our pine and I scared a bird that had been there.  Peeking through the needles, I see why.  These fragile eggs, gently resting in a perfect nest.  I felt so guilty for disturbing her.

Spring Daffodil

“Spring Daffodil”

As we awake from our long winter, the signs of spring begin to emerge, dotting the landscape with color.  It makes everything look warmer just by blooming, spreading its petals.  Its time to get outdoors again and see what else nature has to offer this year.


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Week 3(Technical: Full Manual) – Cypress

This week we were to create an image using manual mode only so we have complete control over the image and show our creativity.  I used a 50mm macro lens on a Canon 70D using natural light.

This cypress bush is the only green plant in my yard at the moment and the way the branches just sway so gently when the wind blows makes this one of my favorite plants in the yard.  f7.1, 1/30 sec. ISO 200 are the settings I used to create my exposure triangle.



“Morning Glories”

“Morning Glories”

It’s close to winter when it comes time to cut down the vines.  These late bloomers continue to show all its true colors, all the way down to its core.  The buds just barely wanting to open and the vines show all the freshness of spring in the fall.  Breathtaking.


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