Week 2 (Color Harmony) – Spoon w/ Green Baubles

“Spoon w/Green Baubles” This week, we try to harmonize the colors in an image.  They should be complementary to each other or of opposite sides of the color wheel.  You can read this article regarding color theory to get a better understanding of complementary colors. For this image, I chose to mix the red backdrop … More Week 2 (Color Harmony) – Spoon w/ Green Baubles

“Morning Glories”

“Morning Glories” It’s close to winter when it comes time to cut down the vines.  These late bloomers continue to show all its true colors, all the way down to its core.  The buds just barely wanting to open and the vines show all the freshness of spring in the fall.  Breathtaking.


  “Pebbles” f2.5, 1/60 sec., ISO 200. 50 mm Surface so smooth and glossy, the light glistens off the side, recreating the image of the window beyond.  The reflection of the cold weather outdoors as the temperature drops and it begins to snow.  Just the beginning of the long winter ahead as we prepare and … More “Pebbles”