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Color Feelings

One of the things you want to look for in a good image is how it makes you feel.  The colors in an image plays just as big a role as some of the others things that can make an image good.

Kandinsky felt that colors evoked these feelings and states:

  • Yellow – warm, exciting, happy
  • Blue – deep, peaceful, supernatural
  • Green – peace, stillness, nature
  • White – harmony, silence, cleanliness
  • Black – grief, dark, unknown
  • Red – glowing, confidence, alive
  • Orange – radiant, healthy, serious

Your image could be color dominant and evoke these feelings when viewed.  It’s all about creative intent.

3/22/15 – Over the Rainbow


RainbowOver the Rainbow

f10, 1/30 sec., ISO 200, 18 mm

Out in the garden, the rain has just stopped to let the sun out for a few.  All the leaves are glistening with raindrops as the sunburst hits them with light.  East of us, the arch glows brilliantly with colors as it makes its way across the sky, just in time for spring to begin.

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