Falling Rain





Glorious are the days gone by when you step into the past in an entrance such as this.  The brass lighting, the huge glass doors.  Even a valet stand, though unattended, takes you back.  To a simpler time.

“Up Above”

“Up Above”archdetail_pioneerplaceweb

f5, 1/200 sec , ISO 1000, 35 mm

As the chase continues, he headed into the mall expecting to lose his follower in the crowd but there was none.  He quickly searched the area to see his best way to escape when he looked up and saw the levels above.  Looking behind, he saw that his follower was nowhere to be found so he ran up the escalator to his lookout above and waited.  But he had to hide.


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Ménage à trois

“Ménage à trois”Ménage à trois

f5, 1/50 sec., ISO 100, 35 mm

The warm glow of the threesome is inviting as they live symbiotically together.  Forever in space as they hang out.  Exactly alike yet so different. And warm.


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“Wall of Circles”

“Wall of Circles”Wall of Circles

f3.5, 1/250  sec., ISO 125, 18 mm

I was walking along in Las Vegas while I was there in June and suddenly looked up.  The wall above me was filled with circles leading up to another part of the building reaching out over the sidewalk.  Very interesting view of the city that never sleeps.



Walking around downtown, there are many things that can capture your attention but there is nothing like reminiscing of the old days in an historic part of the city.  You look around and up and you will find such detail to the architecture of those times.  Where did this detail go?


WPC – Looking Up