Week 31 (Photographer’s Choice) – Petal Drops

“Petal Drops”

As the petals reach for the light, the raindrops settle on them.  The overcast skies, suppressing their true beauty, the reflections.  They wait for a sunburst so they can shine, glisten.

This macro shot was made with a Nifty Fifty lens, and a wide aperture.  The drops were the subject against the soft petals.


Week 30 (Circles) – Encircling


This week we were to think creatively using circles.  What caught my eye in this image was the way the iron was encircling the glass orb.  It leads the viewer into the image with the curves.

Week 19 (Edge Cut Sun) – Sunburst


Photographing the sun during sunrise or sunset is relatively straightforward, however, when you photograph the sun during the day, it can be tricky.  During the blue hour or golden hour, the light is at its best for photographing the sun and landscape so when its broad daylight out, you want to add interest to your subject.  This week we were to use an edge to cut the sun and to stop down the aperture when shooting the sun.  I used our birch tree’s branch to cut the sun and create interest.  Using an aperture of F22 created the sunburst behind the leaves.

Week 11 (Negative Space) – What’s Above

“What’s Above”

Our challenge, this week, was to create an image that showed negative space.  To do this, it’s basically your subject against a blank background, to draw the viewer to your subject.  My subject, in the photo, is larger than what most would consider a subject in negative space, however, the way the sun’s rays go from negative space to a linear composition, gives the viewer interest as their view reaches the main subject.