Color Feelings

One of the things you want to look for in a good image is how it makes you feel.  The colors in an image plays just as big a role as some of the others things that can make an image good. Kandinsky felt that colors evoked these feelings and states: Yellow – warm, exciting, happy … More Color Feelings

“The Boathouse”

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“The Boathouse” f8, 1/320 sec., ISO 100, 109 mm Inside, the old sea man waits as he listens to the seagulls over head.  The calm waters gently sways the boathouse to and fro.  The perfect sunset about to show itself through the open window and illuminate all its beauty.  Coastal…


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?                                                                               “Incoming” f4.5, 1/500 sec., ISO 100, 31 mm Looming high…

“Big Red”

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“Big Red” f5.6, 1/40 sec., ISO 200, 55 mm As I walk down the street, there are hundreds of people as it is the annual festival.  Dozens of classics are rolling down the street in their parade of auto history as the people cheer, smile, and admire.  Just then, she…


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“Sailboat” f9, 1/640 sec., 100 ISO, 250 mm A race i see.  Such a challenge from a simple sailboat when this is a mighty ferry.  Your sails are full, so lets race to the dock and see who is mightier.


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? “Pebbles” f2.5, 1/60 sec., ISO 200. 50 mm Surface so smooth and glossy, the light glistens off the side, recreating the image of the window beyond.  The reflection of the cold weather outdoors as the temperature drops and it begins to snow.  Just the beginning of the long winter…

“Pioneer Place”

“Pioneer Place” In a small corner of an otherwise large shopping meca, the rows of pots face each other in a stand off for attention.  They proudly display their fauna under the bright greenhouse roof, gently reaching up to grab as much light as possible before the day fades away.  Passersby ignor them, don’t even … More “Pioneer Place”

“Source of Heat”

“Source of Heat” f/6.3, 1/5 sec., ISO 1250, 18 mm When it’s cold outside, snowing, the heat draws you in like a moth.  Gently settling in, warming your bones, it doesn’t matter what causes the heat, just that it’s there.  You can hear the crackling of the wood in the silence.  Mesmerizing.   #woodstove #heat … More “Source of Heat”