“Medieval Doors”

On This Day – Two years ago, i posted this image. I thought the way the doors looked was amazing.

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“Medieval Doors”Wooden Doors

I happen upon a path below the street level and began to explore where it leads to.  As it twists and turns, I follow, sheltered by the branches above.  Around the curve, doors appear.  Suddenly I begin to wonder where they might lead to.  Under the streets they must go, beyond the surface.  To an ancient part of the world?  One only knows.

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Color Feelings

One of the things you want to look for in a good image is how it makes you feel.  The colors in an image plays just as big a role as some of the others things that can make an image good.

Kandinsky felt that colors evoked these feelings and states:

  • Yellow – warm, exciting, happy
  • Blue – deep, peaceful, supernatural
  • Green – peace, stillness, nature
  • White – harmony, silence, cleanliness
  • Black – grief, dark, unknown
  • Red – glowing, confidence, alive
  • Orange – radiant, healthy, serious

Your image could be color dominant and evoke these feelings when viewed.  It’s all about creative intent.

“Big Red”

Pique Images

“Big Red”Big Red

f5.6, 1/40 sec., ISO 200, 55 mm

As I walk down the street, there are hundreds of people as it is the annual festival.  Dozens of classics are rolling down the street in their parade of auto history as the people cheer, smile, and admire.  Just then, she appears.  The classic of the show.

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“Pioneer Place”


“Pioneer Place”

In a small corner of an otherwise large shopping meca, the rows of pots face each other in a stand off for attention.  They proudly display their fauna under the bright greenhouse roof, gently reaching up to grab as much light as possible before the day fades away.  Passersby ignor them, don’t even know they are there, as they continue to cycle fresh air into the closed up building, giving life to everyone.  Breath in deeply my dears.

“Source of Heat”

“Source of Heat”cabin-stoveweb

f/6.3, 1/5 sec., ISO 1250, 18 mm

When it’s cold outside, snowing, the heat draws you in like a moth.  Gently settling in, warming your bones, it doesn’t matter what causes the heat, just that it’s there.  You can hear the crackling of the wood in the silence.  Mesmerizing.


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