Warm and cool colors, tints, shades and tones

Warm and Cool Colors Warm and cool colors play a part in color theory when deciding which type of reaction you wish to evoke. Warm colors evoke energy and can advance forth in an image whereas cool colors recede in an image and can evoke a calm and soothing reaction. The image below shows which colors are considered warm and which are cool. In choosing … Continue reading Warm and cool colors, tints, shades and tones

Complimentary Colors Part 2

In our last post we discussed the primary color model and complimentary colors. The primary color wheel is used mostly for pigments or painting but learning the basic color wheel has some advantages in photography as a basic way of looking at color. In reality, photography uses the RGB color scheme which is based on light and is considered an additive color model. The three … Continue reading Complimentary Colors Part 2

Complimentary Colors

In our previous post, we examined the color wheel and how each of the primary, secondary and tertiary colors fit onto the color wheel. The colors we examined are considered to be part of the RYB (subtractive) or artistic color model. It is the basic color model for painting and designing. So, why are we looking at this model? To learn color theory, you have … Continue reading Complimentary Colors