Week 4 (Quiet Moment) – Liquid Blue

“Liquid Blue” This week, in our 52 week challenge, we were to make an image that would represent a quiet moment or scene of serenity.  To me, there is nothing more serene than a hot bubble bath.  The room makes the experience extra special if it decorated in a calming color, like blue, to help calm you completely.  So this is my quiet moment. Continue reading Week 4 (Quiet Moment) – Liquid Blue

Week 1 (Vision/Looking Ahead) – “Christmas Bear”

“Christmas Bear” The lights remain, presents gone.  The roar of excitement has quieted and we begin to notice the special things, the memories.  With all its charm.   For this week, I looked ahead after, the guests were gone, and noticed a different view of the objects around me.  This bear no longer represented a toy, it became part of a memory.     Gund … Continue reading Week 1 (Vision/Looking Ahead) – “Christmas Bear”

Day 1 of B/W Photo Challenge

As I embark on this 7 day challenge, I challenge you all to join me.  This weeks theme is the world around you in black and white. I chose this picture as we head into autumn.  This pumpkin did not ripen all the way and is still green.  The vine has long since died as our first frost has now come and gone, killing everything … Continue reading Day 1 of B/W Photo Challenge

“And the Tables were Set”

“And the Tables were Set” f/4, 1/250 sec., ISO 2500, 24 mm The staff whispers as the room is prepared.  “We are all ready for the party!” the waiter says.  He strolls through the room and inspects the tables, fixing the linens, checking the glasses.  At last glance he decides that the room was ready and the tables were set.  And, at last, the excitement … Continue reading “And the Tables were Set”

“It Begins with a Flower”

“It Begins with a Flower” f4.5, 1/250 sec, ISO 160, 35 mm The view for today is the river, the hills, and the forest but before you can see that, you view the surroundings within and it begins with a flower, with salt and with pepper.  The essence of elegance for the perfect view.   #salt and pepper #still life #photography   WPC – time … Continue reading “It Begins with a Flower”