“Mouse Light”

  “Mouse Light” They scurry along throughout the house, running for dear life as the dogs give chase.  Down the hall and through the kitchen, they see it.  Their home. Their mouse light.   #mouse #photography Advertisements

“Model Making”

  “Model Making” The pieces are small, microscopic.  Put together in specific fashion, they create the most delicate of ideas and imagination.  Only the most steady of hands dare attempt.  The artistic curves of these tiny replicas says it all.  Beautiful.

“Tiny Toes”

“Tiny Toes” f2.5, 1/100 sec., ISO 400, 50 mm They’re small.  They’re new.  Something so innocent but has so much power.  Just one look and you know that whatever they want, they get.  And they have such tiny toes.   #newborn #photography #toes #babies