Week 4 (Quiet Moment) – Liquid Blue

“Liquid Blue” This week, in our 52 week challenge, we were to make an image that would represent a quiet moment or scene of serenity.  To me, there is nothing more serene than a hot bubble bath.  The room makes the experience extra special if it decorated in a calming color, like blue, to help calm you completely.  So this is my quiet moment. Continue reading Week 4 (Quiet Moment) – Liquid Blue

Week 2 (Color Harmony) – Spoon w/ Green Baubles

“Spoon w/Green Baubles” This week, we try to harmonize the colors in an image.  They should be complementary to each other or of opposite sides of the color wheel.  You can read this article regarding color theory to get a better understanding of complementary colors. For this image, I chose to mix the red backdrop I have set up with the green glass baubles that … Continue reading Week 2 (Color Harmony) – Spoon w/ Green Baubles

Week 1 (Vision/Looking Ahead) – “Christmas Bear”

“Christmas Bear” The lights remain, presents gone.  The roar of excitement has quieted and we begin to notice the special things, the memories.  With all its charm.   For this week, I looked ahead after, the guests were gone, and noticed a different view of the objects around me.  This bear no longer represented a toy, it became part of a memory.     Gund … Continue reading Week 1 (Vision/Looking Ahead) – “Christmas Bear”

Day 2 of B/W Photo Challenge

The Challenge   “Porch Bench” It’s heard it all.  The tears, the laughter, the news.  The bench on the front porch has aged with the family and holds all its secrets.  All the lies, all the truths.  If the wood could talk, like the rings in a slice of tree trunk, it could give you its history, its story.  It’s our heirloom.   To join … Continue reading Day 2 of B/W Photo Challenge