“Serenity” The edges are whisper soft, soothing to look at.  Its silence is accepting while it entices you to touch it.  Complete serenity. Advertisements


“Smooth” It’s rich.  It’s rare.  Well, not that rare, but it is smooth.  The color says it all and once it begins to breathe, you can smell the richness.  From the Pacific NW.  Pendleton.

Clear Collect

“Clear Collect” Everyone collects things, delicate things, toys, cars, and cans.  Over the age of time, there are so many variations of beer cans that one could collect them forever, and have fun doing it. WPC – Variations of a Theme

Week 2 (Color Harmony) – Spoon w/ Green Baubles

“Spoon w/Green Baubles” This week, we try to harmonize the colors in an image.  They should be complementary to each other or of opposite sides of the color wheel.  You can read this article regarding color theory to get a better understanding of complementary colors. For this image, I chose to mix the red backdrop … More Week 2 (Color Harmony) – Spoon w/ Green Baubles

“Garden Path”

  “Garden Path” When I think of my yard and envision the way it should look, I imagine this path.  Just a shortcut across the yard, with a place to stop.  The garden path.


“Steamed” It’s nostalgic, historic.  The steam engines of the past had character.  Interesting just for the way it looks, but when it comes alive and starts to sound off, it brings you back.  And you remember. Lionel Polar Express Ready to Play Train Set


  “Pendleton” They will be here soon, all full of cheer.  Bitter cold and looking for warmth, they will reach for the Pendleton.  Before they take off their coats.    

Week 1 (Vision/Looking Ahead) – “Christmas Bear”

“Christmas Bear” The lights remain, presents gone.  The roar of excitement has quieted and we begin to notice the special things, the memories.  With all its charm.   For this week, I looked ahead after, the guests were gone, and noticed a different view of the objects around me.  This bear no longer represented a … More Week 1 (Vision/Looking Ahead) – “Christmas Bear”

“Moon Glow”

“Moon Glow” Blue, cold.  It glows at night when you least expect it, but no matter what time of day, it lifts your spirits.  You can almost see through its cold exterior to its core, its heart.  That’s when you know there is beauty in the world.