Week 8 (Zoom Burst) – Light Burst

“Light Burst” This week we were to create an image using the zoom burst technique.  It had just recently snowed.  The lights in the yard were a nice warm glow.  I headed outside to see what I could get.  What I captured was a good zoom, nice color contrast and a acceptable composition.  Sometimes, though, you just have to take what you get. Continue reading Week 8 (Zoom Burst) – Light Burst

Week 4 (Quiet Moment) – Liquid Blue

“Liquid Blue” This week, in our 52 week challenge, we were to make an image that would represent a quiet moment or scene of serenity.  To me, there is nothing more serene than a hot bubble bath.  The room makes the experience extra special if it decorated in a calming color, like blue, to help calm you completely.  So this is my quiet moment. Continue reading Week 4 (Quiet Moment) – Liquid Blue