Along the walk, they sit.  Rows of seating, a type of rustic amphitheater.  A nice place to stop.


Country Wagon

“Country Wagon”

You miss so much when you’re the driver.  The sunlight, the animals, and what’s along the road.  The farms, the rural landscapes, and the country wagon all pass us by, giving us glimpses of history.  For a second.

Week 10 (Selective Color) – Nested


This week we were to create an image using selective color.  I thought about it all week and didn’t have any ideas.  I thought I was going to have to take an image and create the selective color in Photoshop.  But then, while I was making breakfast, it came to me.  I hope you like it 🙂

Week 8 (Zoom Burst) – Light Burst

“Light Burst”

This week we were to create an image using the zoom burst technique.  It had just recently snowed.  The lights in the yard were a nice warm glow.  I headed outside to see what I could get.  What I captured was a good zoom, nice color contrast and a acceptable composition.  Sometimes, though, you just have to take what you get.

Week 4 (Quiet Moment) – Liquid Blue

“Liquid Blue”

This week, in our 52 week challenge, we were to make an image that would represent a quiet moment or scene of serenity.  To me, there is nothing more serene than a hot bubble bath.  The room makes the experience extra special if it decorated in a calming color, like blue, to help calm you completely.  So this is my quiet moment.