“Special” It isn’t always about what is received, but when the gift is thoughtful, it makes is special. Advertisements

Over Head

“Over Head” In the wilderness, all is quiet.  The trees softly hum as they sway with the wind.  As you look up, it makes the drive to get there worth it all.

Grand Cenote – Tulum, Mexico

“Grand Cenote” Here, in the Riviera Maya, the waters are so crystal clear, you can see the bottom.  This sinkhole is just the beginning of the adventure that awaits beneath the earth.  The water flows for miles and only the truly adventurous will explore the never ending channels.

Spring Daffodil

“Spring Daffodil” As we awake from our long winter, the signs of spring begin to emerge, dotting the landscape with color.  It makes everything look warmer just by blooming, spreading its petals.  Its time to get outdoors again and see what else nature has to offer this year.   Popular on 500px  

Winter Road

“Winter Road” So quiet.  Most people would rather stay by the fire, warm.  Not wanting to venture out.  The adventurous explore.  Out to see what the world has to offer, in all its glory.  In the snow.


“Wildflowers” They rise above it all, above the weeds, above the grass.  Their blue flowers just wanting to be noticed as they sway with the wind.  So gentle, fragrant.  The wildflowers in the field.

Partial Eclipse

“Partial Eclipse” It’s the eclipse of the century, totality in most of the Pacific Northwest.  In our region, we are just north of totality, but brilliant none the less.  An HDR version clearly shows the actual eclipse (lower right of star) and all the colors that go along with it.  Out of this world.

Cloud Cover

“Cloud Cover” The sun is out, uncommon for this time of year.  Mid winter usually brings rain and snow, but today we bask in the warmth.  Though we know it won’t last.  The cloud cover is already working itself in.


“Sunbathing” In the springtime, the sun flows over the land, slowly warming nature.  The vines start to grow and reach towards the warmth.  Each petal encapsulating as much as they can.  Then they burst.  Glorious. CLEMATIS ~Mixed Colors~ Wonderful large blooms 20+ Perennial Vine Seeds