Dahlia Row

“Dahlia Row”

Across the fields they rise.  Autumn brings the most color.  With trees changing and dahlias blooming, the colors are endless.  But my favorite is red.




In the woods, you expect a lot of things.  Trees, birds, wood.  Then there’s the other stuff.  The stuff that creates stories.  Like the time you were hiking and came across a petrified stump.  Try walking up to that in the night.

Grand Cenote – Tulum, Mexico

“Grand Cenote”

Here, in the Riviera Maya, the waters are so crystal clear, you can see the bottom.  This sinkhole is just the beginning of the adventure that awaits beneath the earth.  The water flows for miles and only the truly adventurous will explore the never ending channels.

Spring Daffodil

“Spring Daffodil”

As we awake from our long winter, the signs of spring begin to emerge, dotting the landscape with color.  It makes everything look warmer just by blooming, spreading its petals.  Its time to get outdoors again and see what else nature has to offer this year.


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