“Perfect Pair”

  “Perfect Pair” This saying, so simple.  But to each person it means something different.  An outdoor person would agree with me when I say these are the perfect pair and seeing where they are perched, so inviting.  The breeze, the water, floating along without a care in the world.  Too bad they are not ours.   #kayaks #outdoor #lake WPC – Story Continue reading “Perfect Pair”

“Enjoying the Ruins”

  “Enjoying the Ruins” We walked to the top of the wall of this ancient civilization to succumb to the beauty of the seas beyond.  People frolic in the water below, escaping the scorching heat of the day.  The view alone is enough to explain the Mayans reasons for settling here.  Breathtaking. WPC – 2017 Favorite   #tellafriend #caribbean #ocean #photography   Continue reading “Enjoying the Ruins”

“Bridge over Multnomah Falls”

“Bridge over Multnomah Falls” At the beginning of winter thaw, the water rushes to the edge, the end.  It’s power evident in the roar of the falls cascading over and pooling on the shelf before it cascades again to the bottom.  The smell in the air is so crisp, you know spring is coming.  Blossoming in the sun.   Popular on 500px #waterfall #bridge #photography … Continue reading “Bridge over Multnomah Falls”