Mt. Hood Trillium

The view from the lake is spectacular.  Crisp, cool.  Not much else is expected when you visit a glacier.


Like Glass

“Like Glass”

As the sun rises, the water is calm.  It’s cold outside, in the still air but if you look across the lake, you can see just how still the air is. The water is like glass.

Week 21 (Technical) – At the End of the Day

“At the End of the Day”

This week we were to create an product image for a magazine.  For this week, I shot travel as my product, but instead of using the over-saturated images of beautiful beaches, I chose to appeal to those that just want to escape and show the underlying beauty in nature.  Without color.

Week 9 (Forsaken) – Forsaken


Out in the countryside, it isn’t hard to find buildings left to fall apart.  Still useful until the last of the roof collapses.  One day this one will be gone.  I have watched it go from a full roof to the way it is now.  Slowly aging.

This week’s challenge was to create an image of the forsaken.  This barn has slowly been falling apart.  Not a better example, I think.



Thousands of years old, its buildings slowly crumbling.  The houses and other structures made of wood are long gone, just the stones remain.  We get to the top of one of the walls after a long hike up, and the shore says it all.  This was the perfect place for the Mayans to settle.