Week 22 (Door) – 1872 Keystone

“1872 Keystone”

Some of this old lighthouse might have been restored over time but when you walk up to the entrance, the door is topped with the original keystone from 1872.  A symbol of antiquity, of history.  Forever emblazoned on this landmark for all to see.

This week, the challenge was to create an image of a door as a transition.  This image encapsulates the historic feature of the lighthouse yet lights the way for all that come in the future.


Along the Rail

“Along the Rail”


Up on the bridge, the colors change.  They cool, become more vibrant.  Inviting you to come closer and be apart of the experience.  The river below.


WPC – Lines

“A Place to Sit”

“A Place to Sit”

All around them, the lives of many continue to go on in the hustle and bustle of inner city living.  Scurrying about trying to find what they came to look for, the others are tired, weary, wanting to find a place to sit and rest.  A few have already decided it was time, while it was still quiet here, to rest and read for awhile.  And sit.


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“Pedestrian Bridge”

“Pedestrian Bridge”

It crosses over the river but it’s not for cars.  The newest addition to our city is only for pedestrians and street cars, connecting the downtown to the industrial area across the way.  The bridge during the day doesn’t look that striking but at night, it comes alive with color.  Mesmerizing.

#photography #architecture

WPC – Pedestrian

“On the Edge”

“On the Edge”

It’s cold, calm.  The lights across the river shout back at me as I stand here.  I’m on the edge, not knowing which way to turn as they flicker about.  The hustle and bustle of the city can get to anyone but tonight the city speaks.  Mesmerizing me and drawing me back in.  Hopelessly lost within.

#cityscape #river #lights


“Going Up?”

“Going Up?”

The sun is bright, hot.  You’ve been hiking for hours along dirt trails and creeks.  You can hear the water cascading down and know what’s ahead.  But your tired, thirsty and hungry.  Curiosity is getting to you so you decide to continue on, up the stairs to see what is beyond.


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