“Pedestrian Bridge”

“Pedestrian Bridge” It crosses over the river but it’s not for cars.  The newest addition to our city is only for pedestrians and street cars, connecting the downtown to the industrial area across the way.  The bridge during the day doesn’t look that striking but at night, it comes alive with color.  Mesmerizing. #photography #architecture … More “Pedestrian Bridge”

“Lodge at the Falls”

“Lodge at the Falls” It’s grand, old.  The historic structure has sat here for a long time.  We’ve been told that it remains, even after the blaze, the damage to the area.  Once the smoke clears and the road opens, I will be back to see for myself.   #multnomah #lodge #photography

“On the Edge”

“On the Edge” It’s cold, calm.  The lights across the river shout back at me as I stand here.  I’m on the edge, not knowing which way to turn as they flicker about.  The hustle and bustle of the city can get to anyone but tonight the city speaks.  Mesmerizing me and drawing me back … More “On the Edge”

“Vintage Courthouse”

  “Vintage Courthouse” It seems cold, heartless.  The gloom that hangs overhead is thick, just waiting for its next victim.  Only those with the most innocent of hearts will withdraw at the end of the day.  But it’s Saturday and today it rests.   #creepy #tellafriend #architecture

“Going Up?”

“Going Up?” The sun is bright, hot.  You’ve been hiking for hours along dirt trails and creeks.  You can hear the water cascading down and know what’s ahead.  But your tired, thirsty and hungry.  Curiosity is getting to you so you decide to continue on, up the stairs to see what is beyond.   #tellafriend … More “Going Up?”


  “Floaties” Along the river the current runs swift.  Its the place for adventure.  To float down the river in adult “floaties” would be serene, calming.  Just be prepared.  When you return, there are plenty of windows to view the river from.   #photography #kayak #houseboat WPC – Windows  

“Triple Balcony”

“Triple Balcony” The balconies remain empty as the water gently flows beneath.  Soft whispers of the leaves the only sound outside the windows.  Citizens patiently await the appearance of the lords for their annual kickoff of seasonal festivities. Excitement grows. Unleash them.   #photography #water #balconies

“Double Doors”

“Double Doors” Not all problems have an easy solution.  Take the problem at hand, which door to enter.  Each door has a different outcome or opportunity and its like a roll of the dice in deciding.  The story will be different no matter which door you choose, so choose wisely.   #photography #double doors #structure

“Raining Gold”

“Raining Gold” Some interiors to places of interest are sights to be seen.  This one is no different.  The spectacular lights and colors amaze patrons as they wander through the entry where it is clearly raining gold.   WPC – Ooh, Shiny!