“Critter Pose”

“Critter Pose” I turn, I stop.  He sits, ready.  So accustomed to our attention, he strikes a pose.  Hoping for a treat.  Then scurries away.   WPC – Cheeky #chipmunk #wildlife #animal

“Flamingo Pool”

  “Flamingo Pool” Oblivious to their surroundings, they live in peace, in paradise.  No desire to leave, flamingos wander about, drinking the water, sleeping upright.  Only occasionally opting to actually look up to be captured in time.  But this was not this time.   #tellafriend #photography #flamingos  

“Puppy Play”

  “Puppy Play” As Jesse submits to the bigger Joey, he finds himself in a predicament as he tries to play rough.  Someday he will learn who is boss. Weekly photo challenge.

“Don’t Leave”

“Don’t Leave” f4, 1/30 sec., ISO 6400, 29 mm He watches, a tear in his eye, wondering if I will be back.  He wants to go, doesn’t want to be left behind.  To be left alone.  Only for him to realize, I have just gotten home. WPC – Beloved