Nested Eggs

“Nested Eggs”

Springtime brings so many new beginnings; fresh blooms, spring rain, and babies.  While out working in the yard, I was near our pine and I scared a bird that had been there.  Peeking through the needles, I see why.  These fragile eggs, gently resting in a perfect nest.  I felt so guilty for disturbing her.


Proud Feathers

“Proud Feathers”


He watches, immobile.  Each of his feathers in perfect place, glistening in the air.  But it only takes one wrong move to scare him.  Too bad there wasn’t a female around, to see the whole show.

Week 5 (Photographer’s Choice) – Here’s Looking at You

“Here’s Looking at You”

The week, it was photographer’s choice.  I wanted to get the fish all together to show the different colors.  I was amazed that I was able to get all four of them together and in focus.  It almost looks like they were watching what I was doing.

“Flamingo Pool”


“Flamingo Pool”

Oblivious to their surroundings, they live in peace, in paradise.  No desire to leave, flamingos wander about, drinking the water, sleeping upright.  Only occasionally opting to actually look up to be captured in time.  But this was not this time.


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“Open, Open, Open”

“Open, Open, Open”libby-and-lolaweb

f5, 1/80 sec., ISO 800, 67mm

“Do you see anyone Lola?” says Libby.

“No, not yet…they are still talking to each other” she replies.  “Maybe if I put my foot up here they will notice me.”

Libby and Lola pause to see what happens.

“Did it work?”

Lola gets a sad look in her eyes.  “No, but maybe that lady with the camera will help us out.”

“Open, open, open, Pleeeeease?”


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