Nested Eggs

“Nested Eggs” Springtime brings so many new beginnings; fresh blooms, spring rain, and babies.  While out working in the yard, I was near our pine and I scared a bird that had been there.  Peeking through the needles, I see why.  These fragile eggs, gently resting in a perfect nest.  I felt so guilty for … More Nested Eggs


  “Special” It isn’t always about what is received, but when the gift is thoughtful, it makes is special.

Mt. St. Helens

  “Mt. St. Helens” On a clear day, she stands, boldly.  Her massive temper tandrum remains just a small memory to most.  You can’t see her damage from here, but she is forever scarred.

Over Head

“Over Head” In the wilderness, all is quiet.  The trees softly hum as they sway with the wind.  As you look up, it makes the drive to get there worth it all.

Grand Cenote – Tulum, Mexico

“Grand Cenote” Here, in the Riviera Maya, the waters are so crystal clear, you can see the bottom.  This sinkhole is just the beginning of the adventure that awaits beneath the earth.  The water flows for miles and only the truly adventurous will explore the never ending channels.

Along the Rail

“Along the Rail”   Up on the bridge, the colors change.  They cool, become more vibrant.  Inviting you to come closer and be apart of the experience.  The river below.   WPC – Lines

Spring Daffodil

“Spring Daffodil” As we awake from our long winter, the signs of spring begin to emerge, dotting the landscape with color.  It makes everything look warmer just by blooming, spreading its petals.  Its time to get outdoors again and see what else nature has to offer this year.   Popular on 500px  

Flying High

“Flying High” For two, the sky is the limit.  You can fly above the clouds, through the rain, and towards the stars.  And, once upon a time, with the wind in your face.  Freedom.

Drying Onions

“Drying Onions” It’s springtime, time to start planting.  I look back over some images from last year, ones I forgot I had.  Always, the best part of gardening is the harvest.  But even that takes work.  Well worth it.