“Morning Glories”

“Morning Glories”

It’s close to winter when it comes time to cut down the vines.  These late bloomers continue to show all its true colors, all the way down to its core.  The buds just barely wanting to open and the vines show all the freshness of spring in the fall.  Breathtaking.


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Day 4 – Macro Challenge

‘The Evergreen”

Even in the beginning of freezing temperatures, the evergreen will continue to show signs of growth, of life.  It will show its colors all winter long and bring cheer during the snowfall.  Some will even become Christmas trees.



Day 3 – Macro Challenge


“Mini Rose”

The petals weaken under the drops of rain that have found their way into the folds.  At any moment, the drop could fall, making way for the petals to relax some until the next rainfall.  The color bright and new, even though it is autumn.  Beautiful.

Day 2 – Macro Challenge

“Berry Droplets”

It rained recently.  The yard is crisp and fresh, waiting for the sun to appear.  Yet, it is Autumn now and the sun won’t be out for awhile.  The barberries are losing their leaves quickly but before they vanish, some caught the rain and now shows its leaves proudly.  A last reach for greatness.