Week 21 (Technical) – At the End of the Day

“At the End of the Day” This week we were to create an product image for a magazine.  For this week, I shot travel as my product, but instead of using the over-saturated images of beautiful beaches, I chose to appeal to those that just want to escape and show the underlying beauty in nature.  Without color. Continue reading Week 21 (Technical) – At the End of the Day

Week 20 (From Below) – Overhead

“Overhead” While hiking near Lucia Falls, nature changes from freshly blooming trees to areas that can resemble that of a rain forest.  With its moss covered trees throughout the area, it lends a certain creepy feeling as you pass under the dangling moss that accumulates year after year.  This week, we were to change our perspective and get below your subject.  I chose this image … Continue reading Week 20 (From Below) – Overhead

Week 19 (Edge Cut Sun) – Sunburst

“Sunburst” Photographing the sun during sunrise or sunset is relatively straightforward, however, when you photograph the sun during the day, it can be tricky.  During the blue hour or golden hour, the light is at its best for photographing the sun and landscape so when its broad daylight out, you want to add interest to your subject.  This week we were to use an edge … Continue reading Week 19 (Edge Cut Sun) – Sunburst