Talent for the Senses

The more I learn about photography, cooking, music, and fashion, I realize that each of these touches on a different part of the 5 (or 6) senses that each of us has:

Cooking – The art focuses on your taste, smell, and sight.  With colorful displays on a plate, it can interest you, make you want it, and actually can make you salivate from the smell.  Once you take a bite, if executed properly, it will ignite every taste bud you have: sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and umami.  If each of these taste sensations are touched on, it can be a party in your mouth.

Music – This type of art focuses mainly on your hearing.  With each beat of the drum, your eardrum reacts to the different tones, beats, and rhythms that occur when listening to music.  If you watch a music video, you can include your sight as part of the experience as you watch the performers with the music.

Photography/Art – This medium entices you visually.  You can be interested in the color, or the texture, or even the subject of a picture, making you want to read the image itself.   Some images guide you to where the actual subject is in the picture, and some just want to show you different ways of looking at things.  In reality, color is made from light.  Color is changed by light.  And without light, you don’t have color.

Fashion – This also can be considered an art.  The way fabrics can feel against your skin is another sensory experience.  Different types of fabrics feel differently than others, soft, rough, silky, and leathery are a few.  Weights of different fabrics can also keep you cool or warm in different weather.

Everything around us, in nature or man-made, provides a different sensory experience, if you let it.  Take the time to smell the roses, eat something unusual, or listen to something new.  You might be surprised.

What are your thoughts?

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