The Light Matters

One thing that I’ve learned over the years is if you want to improve your photography, you should think of what you are actually photographing.  Yes, we can take pictures of pretty things and old cars, but if you remove all the light, you cannot capture any image.  So if you think of it that way, you can clearly see that it is the light and the way it reflects off of things that you are taking images of.  With that said, there are different times of the day that you can take landscape photos, different ways to arrange lighting for professional portraits, and different levels of light for abstract and still images.  Each way is unique and offers the best possible image of what the light is hitting.

Landscape photos are amazing.  They catch the reflecting light and colors of nature at its finest.  Even with all its natural beauty, taking pictures in the wrong light can wash out everything and return to you a horrible image.  The best time to take pictures of the landscape is in the dawn’s light and in the dusk’s light.  Within an hour of sunrise or sunset will make the colors of nature shine their brightest and gives you images that are vivid and stunning.

Close-up images of flowers look their best if taken when it is overcast outside.  Shadows on flowers takes away from the softness and colors of each of the petals so if the pictures are taken on an overcast day, the shadows are much less noticeable.

Professional portraits are best taken in studio with lighting that is best placed for the pictures that will be taken.  If the portraits are intended to be environmental portraits, artificial lights can be too harsh unless a diffuser is used.  Whether the portraits are taken inside or out, the lighting has to be just right, or the subject will look unflattering.

So whatever your subject of your vision, make sure its the light you are thinking of when shooting so you can portray the best possible image you can.

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