Manipulating Light

Now that we have gone over color theory and natural light, we will look at ways you can manipulate light in your camera.

Everyone has heard about the exposure triangle but in terms of light, I will explain it this way:

1.  ISO – how sensitive your sensor is to the light that is let in.

2.  Speed – how fast the light is let into your camera.

3.  Aperture – the diameter of the opening in which light is let into your camera sensor.

Each of these factors work together in making an image.  They are all adjustable and each has a reason for being. Hence the name “Exposure Triangle”.

In the next series, we will look at each of these aspects to the exposure triangle with examples to show how the different settings can change the outcome of your image.  We will begin with ISO and speed then move to aperture since aperture is where your creativity begins.

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