Focal lengths and What They are used for

If you haven’t guessed, there are many different focal lengths to choose from and for the most part, they each have a specific use.  Once you get to know the differing uses, you will feel more comfortable breaking the rules and see what other creative views you can get, but until then, here they are:

10-14 mm            distorted fisheye…just for fun

14-24mm             landscapes, seascapes, waterfalls, starlight and astrophotography

24-35mm             street and architecture

35-58mm             normal view, useful for portraits and still life

85mm                   most used for portraits for the classic look

90-105mm          close ups

135mm                another focal length used for portraits

200mm                one more focal length for portraits, also used for nature and sports

200-500mm        birds, wildlife and sports

500-800mm        very expensive wildlife lens


#photography #pics #focallength

What are your thoughts?

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