Elements of Visual Design – Line

To continue our series on design elements, we move to line as an element of visual design.  Lines provide direction or orientation and can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, curving, or broken.  Each direction or orientation can imply certain feelings and mean something different to the person viewing your images.

Horizontal lines convey a sense of tranquility or rest whereas vertical lines show power and strength.  The ocean has horizontal lines and can make you feel relaxed but get into the forest and the trees show strength and power by towering over you vertically.  Horizontal and vertical lines can also give perspective showing distance or height and can lead the viewers eyes into the image.

Beach Time

tall trees

Diagonal lines, such as lightning, shows action and curvy lines shows calmness and sensual feelings.  An image of a winding road can make you feel like you are going with the flow.  A person viewing such an image will follow the road to see where it goes when in fact, it will ultimately converge in the end and the lines on either side become one.

Broken lines in an image leave the image unfinished and forces the viewer to fill in the blanks to convey their own meaning of your photograph as they search to find patterns or shapes.

Lines are the simplest of design elements so when making images using lines, make sure that you have viewed your subject from all angles so you convey the feeling that you envisioned.

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